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Lavender Magic Powder Bathroom Cleaning Tips

I wanted to share some useful ideas on using the Lavenderology™ Lavender Magic Powder while cleaning in your bathroom. While the Lavender Magic Powder has tons of applications and uses, today we are going to focus on the place where statistics say we spend 1/3 of our lives, the bathroom!

Lavenderology™ Lavender Magic Powder works great to remove soap scum build up, toothpaste, shaving cream ~ even hard water spots on the handles and faucet.  In addition it provides the perfect amount of gentle cleanser action to get the buildup that forms around the base of the handles, faucet and even the drain plug! Bath Tub and Shower: The Lavenderology™ Lavender Magic Powder will also do amazing things in your bath tub!  It will remove build up and residue aka "ring around the tub", and it will also do all the things as listed above for sinks.  If you have a tub/shower combo with sliding doors built in, the Lavender Magic Powder is amazing on those door tracks that can get super cruddy as well.  It will shine the chrome and get the goo out of the tracks too. If your tub or shower has glass doors, you may experience hard water spotting and build up from soap, shampoo, etc... You may see or even feel this as a 'film' on your once clear shower doors. Even if you have the textured glass doors, this works great on those as well. In my case the shower has stone walls and river rock on the floor and Lavender Magic works its magic on removing soap scum build up gently on the stone work and grout as well. Now I have a little glass shelf in my bathroom, and it's one of those things I tend to 'neglect' we could say as I always have trinkets on it like candles, books, etc... and sometimes I just don't want to move everything ~ so it tends to get quite a build up of that stuck on dust.  You know the dust I'm talking about, the one where it just won't 'dust' off any longer since it has formed a type of 'dust cement' from the moisture and steam created in the bathroom environment!

We're doing magic here, not miracles (wink).  In the event of severe build up, it will take more elbow grease, but Lavender Magic Powder will indeed help! I recommend misting the area to be cleaned with your favorite natural bathroom cleaner spray  After letting the mist sit  a bit, get your sponge wet with warm water, ring out, and gently sprinkle on a coat of Lavender Magic Powder.  Now get a scrubbin' ~ watch the scum dissapear! You know the best part?  You can sink into that tub or hop into the shower right away with no worries of toxic fumes or liquids seeping into your skin. Of course in order to maintain a fresh environment, and to keep scrubbing to a minimum, I recommend you clean your bathroom weekly to maintain a sparkly appearance. Lavenderology™ Magic Powder is made with all natural ingredients, is non toxic and of course will make your bathroom smell lavender lovely delicious! Keep and eye on the Lavender Buzz for more information, tips and uses on Lavender Magic Powder!

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